Shocktober 2013: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Justin -- 01 October 2013

Two years ago Robin and I tried to pull off Shocktober. The goal: 31 horror–or, at least, somewhat related to the genre–films for the 31 days in October. We only made it through 29 last time but we’re planning on trying to do it again this year. This is specifically a throw-back to the Shocktober that used to run on Channel 50 out of Detroit when we were both kids, growing on the Ontario / Michigan border.

We have started off Shocktober 2013 this year with the 1954 film Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Check out below the videos for the list of films that we watched in 2011.

The Shocktober 2011 list, in order, is as follows: